Monday, 21 March 2011

Day 11 - 8th Gyn and victory road.

So I'm ready to face Beardface in the ultimate gym showdown, i don't have Pokemon with strong attacks against Dragon so he will be tough i make it all the way through the gym and my Pokemon need healing, as it was a tough challenge, and waiting for me at the end is not Beardface but Iris...... the little girl who showed me around town and trained Bianca, she is my opponent.
I mean come on the other guy looks menacing but she is just a little girl who so far has only taught Bianca how to suck more at being a trainer. Finding the right combination by using bug attacks she is dispatched quicker that any of the other trainers in the gym. I have my 8th badge i am now master of all Pokemon, onto Victory road.

I found a water stone so i went back to the Pokemon centre and used it to create a Pokemon possible more camp than Simisear......
Simpour! yes the water monkey and it looks the most stupid out of all 3 of these terrible terrible creatures.

I distract my disgust with a battle against Cheren but as he still only has 4 Pokemon he is as per usual not much of a challenge.

In victory road i meet many trainers with strong Pokemon good thing i ran into a doctor who heals them up, one thing i like about this game is the doctors who if you beat them will heal your Pokemon, it means i don't have to run back to the Pokemon centre.

I also met a guy who told me to slide down a cliff, good to see adults advising 10 year olds well, By time i get to the Pokemon league I have captured a few new Pokemon including the other legendary dog but by mow my DS's battery is giving up so the Elite Four will have to wait.....

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Day 10 - Ice Badge, Golett and Beardface

I had acquired the HM Surf in a game of chance, well when it comes to fighting Cheren its not much about chance as just beating him. But with it I could access caves which had been previously blocked off.

I could catch 2 of the 3 legendary dogs in this game, the green one and the blue on, Blue was in a cave just off route 6, and was relatively easy to catch because it was night and in a cave a dusk ball was all it took, the Green one was more difficult in Pinwheel forest it was daytime so i had to rely on Ultra Balls which suck after about 25 turns i eventually used a timer ball and caught it, Yay, 66%. The grey one will not appear until Victory Road but i will endeavour to catch it.
After this i proceeded to the 7th gym, which is an ice user so by having a fire Pokemon in the form of Darmanitan, i easily won my next badge.

After this i was told those evil doers team plasma where in a nearby tower, away i went because in this tower was the other Pokemon i wanted Golett. After being delayed by Bianca and Cheren talking about how strong they have become since leaving home i was allowed into the tower and after a few steps a level 33 Golett appeared, Arachnia's electric attacks were useless as it is a ground type as well as a ghost, but i did get it weak enough to catch.....
I went back put the newly named Robocop into my team and gave it an exp share to get it to the level to be in my team... back to the tower and team plasma get in my way but as they only each have 1 out of a possible 6 Pokemon they don't stand much chance, I get to the top but two late N has captured the White legendary Dragon Pokemon, if only Cheren didn't keep me by saying how strong he was.
In order to beat him i will need the Black Dragon Pokemon, I get given the ball it is supposedly asleep in but to wake it i need to go to this guy.....

I have to travel through the marshes to get to Captain Beardface but if this is the last gym leader it is worth meeting a hundred Shelmets.
I will deal with him and the mystery that surround the legendary Dragons next time....

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Day 9 - Joltik, 6th Gym and Team plasma

I began this pokemon day in Chargestone cave where the pokemon Joltik the electric spider could be found, I presumed it would be easy to get just walk through the cave and there it would be but no i kept meeting stupid Klinks and Ferroseeds, i made it throught the cave and not one Joltik, so ihealed my pokemon up in Mistralton city and headed back i eventually found one and caught it, renaiming it Arachnia, at level 27. it was far from being the team leader i wanted but i would soon change that.

Heading to the gym, the leader came out and met me, oh no i cant challange her as she saw something on top of a nearby tower and it needs healing because she presumes its a pokemon, honestly the battle music should start and the screen read, You encountered a wild Sidequest! what will you do?

Run Away,

Escape is impossible!

Away i go to heal the pokemon or something, the good thing was it meant Arachnia could level up finally getting to the top of the tower i find she has healed the pokemon so i dont even know what it is and then says i can now go back to the gym and challange her. By now arachnia has grown to level 35 so easily defeats her flying pokemon with electric attacks.

Onto the twist mountains, where i meet Cheren, he talks about being strong or something, I really should listen but he is defeated easily, and i get surf as a reward!

Into the cave and there is team plasma everywhere, look at them and their cosplay team, N looks about as camp as Simisear.

I beat them and make it to the other side and with the battle experience Arachnia has evolved into a Galvantula (below).
I make it through the cave and into the next town but before i face the next gym, i think i will make use of the surf i got earlier.....

Friday, 11 March 2011

Pokemon I want

Looking at the new Pokemon in the game, i find myself not caring too much for them, there are a few that i would like in my team but honestly there are are onyl two i find myself wanting to catch.

In Soul Silver, there were tons that i went out and captured because i wanted them in my team but in this game i find myself just wanting a Joltik and a Golett, as these are the only two i like the look of now and also their evolved forms.

I am about to come up on Chargestone cave where Joltik (right) can be found but it is not for a long time after till i can get a Golett and it might be to close to the end to properly train it up which makes me sad. but i wont care to much i will still make it strong enough to be a part of my team.

Heres hoping i grow more attached to some of the Pokemon i catch.....

Day 8- Driftveil Gym and Evolution

I moved onto route 5 today, and straight away Cheren wants a battle he as usual poses no more of a challenge than Bianca. We then meet Alder who is the champion of the region, and he has some crazy hair. After beating him we can now go across the bridge to Driftveil and face Clay, the cowboy leader of the 5th gym. Look at him if anything screamed Texas stereo type it was this man...
We arrived into the town and he accuses us of helping team plasma as they managed to escape just before we arrived he wont face us unless we recapture the goons. Cheren runs off to try and find them, i explore the town and learn of triple battles, which is cool now 3 Pokemon can be fighting at once. I head down to an area called cold storage and find Cheren waiting outside he apparently cant go in and search without me, we beat a couple of workers inside and find an empty container which Cheren says i should lead the way into, thanks for that my supposed friend. Inside are about 8 plasma goons and one leader, I was thinking Oh no, that means 3 can take me on, then a double battle with me and Cheren then having to defeat the leader, this could be tricky..... but no half of them take me on one by one and the leader doesn't do anything. We beat them and Clay comes to take them into custody, he tells us to come to the gym, Cheren goes away to prepare himself.

During these battle Pepsi my Dewott evolved into a Samurott (see below) now it is a lot more powerful and i feel confident taking on the leader.
Heading to the Gym we see more of team plasma outside they have come to collect their allies, and Clay just hands them over before heading back into the gym, good to know my hard work has paid off.
Beating my way down to Clay we find he has ground type Pokemon and they are easily defeated by Pepsi, who take no damage at all. I get the badge but the bumbling gym leader has lost the TM he was going to give me I'll have to go along to the end of route 6 to get it. This guy is just getting in the way of me saving the world... Just like America.... yeah think about that for a second.
I heal my Pokemon and head for route 6 where Bianca is waiting after beating her she gives me HM 02 Fly, at last i don't need to take long bike journeys every where, well except 1, the only flying Pokemon i have is in daycare and that's all the way back at the end of route 2.
Getting back to the daycare i pick up my Sigilyph and teach it fly i also pick up my Darmaka and take him back by beating regular Pokemon found in the grass it evolves into a Darmanitan, which looks like an owl mixed with a gorilla, also Malik (Krokorok) evolved into its final form Krookodile, which i s a big croc, with eyes that appear to be pointed shades, i prefer the second evolution.

With my super powered team ready i was going to head out onto route 6, where at the end is Chargestone cave and in it is a Joltik, the only Pokemon i actually think i want to catch in this game......

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Day 7- route 4, Maliks fail and 4th gym

I began my Pokemon day by heading out onto route 4. to then be hit by a sandstorm, sadface :(. This meant i needed a ground type Pokemon to lead my team so i ventured out and first met a darumaka, i was pleased up until i found out it was just a fire type and nothing more, but as luck should have it heading back to the road i met a Sandile at level 15, which i named Malik after my friend who really wanted one ( for all things Malik related). I then headed north to bump into Cheren i battled with him and although my other Pokemon were strong enough to beat him easily Malik struggled and so i turned back and headed towards the day care intending to drop off Darumaka and to train malik up so that by time i reached the next city he would be level 29 and evolve into a Krokorok.

By time i got back to route 4. he was a level 26, impressive right, i must be an awesome trainer or something. I then went to the Desert resort to look into this ruins i had heard about, at this time Malik(the real person) was playing near me and was at the same stage, getting to the ruins you meet a girl who offers you a Shell or Wing fossil one is Tirtouga (turtle below) the other is Archen (bird below). It was simple i wanted the turtle, Malik wanted the bird if we selected each one we could trade at a later date, so i listened to the woman and the first option is the Shell fossil so i took that. Malik on the other hand tried to skip what she was saying and pressing A loads also picked a Shell fossil, not wanting the turtle he was forced to switch off his game and go back t just after defeating the 3rd leader. teaching us all that IT IS IMPORTANT TO SAVE REGULARLY!

With no mishaps on my part i went back to the 2nd gym and brought my fossil back to life but with it being a water Pokemon it would be no use against the next gym so i needed to train up my Sewaddle in order to negate the electricity.

In the next town there were... more team plasma goons, gasp! its not like they haven't been in every other city. I chase them into the amusement park where i meet N, now that was an actual surprise he takes me on the Ferris wheel and while nearing the top tells me he is the team plasma leader :O, for me it completely ruined my trip to the fun fair i would give him the beating of a lifetime if only he would challenge me to a match.... which he did, and i won, then he ran off, it didn't make much sense but then i wasn't complaining, as my Sewaddle had evolved into a Swadloon and heading to the gym and challenging the other people in the gym it evolved into a Leavanny (below is a drawing of it as a person, which i find slightly better than a person being a Pokemon, not much better but slightly)

The problem i found is that when it shoots string shot it does have the appearance that it is coming form a vaginal area but as we cant see the front it doesnt matter unless we are fighting it.
Defeating the gym leader and her flying Pikachus was easy with Malik, Leavanny and Boldore(Roggenrola's evolved form). She said that she would meet me on route 5 i just had to first sort a father daughter dispute between Bianca and her Dad, let my Simisear preform in a musical (because if you see the picture of him in the previous post thats what he was born to do) and then i was ready to let the adventure continue..........

Day 6- Pinwheel forest pt 2 and the Insect Badge

Essay done, realworld doesnt need me for the time being so back to the needs of the Pokemon world.

Progressing through the forest i meet and defeat the rest of team plasma, these guys really dont have a team spirit as they attack me one by one. They come at me with their one pokemon several levels lower than the previous gym leader, if they are going to do that they could at least have 6 pokemon but no they clearly think one will do.

After beating them i am invited to the xhallange the gym by the insect guy. Proceeding out of the forest with a collection on bug pokemon that loosly resemble those found in Viridian forest.

The bridge that has to be passed over to get to Castelia city is amazing it is just so big and unlike anything shown before in Pokemon.

In Catelia city the world becomes eye-popping 3D, every building streches to the sky, walking around is amazing, i tried to go to the gym but ended up involved in another team plasma thing that revoved around Bianca needing more training to be better or something i wasnt paying attention but it was good becasue i could level up my fire monkey Pansear and after the whole thing with team plasma which as i say i wasnt really listening to, It reached level 26. so i decided to use the fire stone i had aquired somehow, i hope it was in a game of chance and evolved it into.......

Simsear the campest monkey ever!!

But with this special snowflake of a monkey on my side i eased past all in the gym asit turns out bugs are very weak to fire, yay for me, with my 3rd badge in toe i headed to route 4 and defeated Bianca who decided that the after the 5 min of training she could have at most recieved she was ready to take me on. My journey onto route 4 was clear and it would be tackeled in the very near future...

Monday, 7 March 2011

Day 5- Pinwheel forest pt. 1

Ok note to self, if writing an important essay do not buy a pokemon game the week before, it has disasterous consequences.

Since I realised i had real world work to do, and somehow said that doing this essay was more important than saving the Pokemon world, i didnt play on it that much, so made little progress.

I did manage to catch a Throh, the red one below and have found out that there is like a 5% chance that Sawk, the blue guy, will be in the moving grass, woooooooo 5%, thats like 1 in 20 this might take a while.

After catching Throh i headed into the forest to head down the long dangerous winding path that the stronger gym leader for some reason couldn't go down, a lot of 'new' pokemon down this way i ended up with a Sewaddle which seems to be a Weedle with a leaf on its head. I also caught 2 Petilil, the Oddish of this world, i caught two because i can go back to the previous town and trade one for a Cottonee.

I pressed on through the wood passed trainers who i can only say should be arrested for helping delay the capture of criminals, And fought 3 plasma goons, just like the ones pictured below,

Soon anime conventions all around the world will enjoy seeing people wearing store bought knight costumes with a homemade Team Plasma patch sewn on at an indecent angle. After beating these goons and making it passed a lot of Pokemon rangers wishing to tell me to protect the pokemon despite the fact they engaged me in battle with pokemon 7 levels weaker than mine so easily got defeated, they still lectured me about looking after Pokemon and the enviroment, damn hippies.

That was all i had time for now back to work in the real world, sigh.....

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Day 3- Basic Badge

After I gave the girl back her pokemon the way is clear to proceed down Route 3, on the way i meet this legendary pokemon in the tall grass.....
Yes it is time to catch myself a Woobat, the difficulty here is resisting the urge to kill it (i say kill but it really is fainting then absorbtion into the ground). I now one of the few proud owners of a Woobat (henceforth called Wooooooooobat), and it can go and take a rest in my computer box until the day i decide it needs evolving.

Reaching the town of Nacrene City, i am shown a place that used to be warehouses but now acts as accomodation for the cities creative folk, Calafornia anyone? The Gym leader here uses normal type pokemon im told so i first head off to the entrance of the forest nearby where fighting pokemon are supposed to be. I didnt catch the stronger ones but i did get a Timburr, see below, which is like some mixture between Cubone and Machop as its a fighter yet carries around a piece of wood for some reason, i looked at its next evolved form and it seems the wood will evolve as well into metal.

Timburr is the one with the wood, lillipup is the top one and the thing in the bottom right is a Tympole, good to see Polywag gets a new design.

I also caught a Tympole just for the sake of catching one, it appears more than a wooper in pokemon silver or gold.

I went back to the gym which is behind a museum that has a display of a dragonite's skeleton. After some pointless challange to get to the leader i beat her 2 pokemon quite easily with Pepsi (Dewott) at level 23 and Geodude (roggenrola) at level 20.

After winning Team plasma steal the skull of the Dragonite and we are forced to give chase i heal my pokemon and head to pinwheel forest in pursuit of the thieves, the gym leader from the next town joins us and says that the goons either went down the straight safe road or the twist one filled with trainers, hmmmm i wonder which one we will be sent down..... yep the twisty one, well that iss going to have to wait till tomorrow as i guess once im passed all the trainers wanting a battle despite the fact im chasing after criminals, ill have to face team plasma and im too tired today.....

To be continued.

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Day 2- Gym battle and Team Plasma

I was ready my pokemon were at a stage i thought could make it an even contest, or so i thought.

Getting past the minions of the leader wasnt hard it made mine stronger, all the better for me i hoped. Then came the leader Cilan I could see he had 2 pokemon so i thought start with my strongest, hope i could beat the first one then change out to the fire monkey Pansear (Infernape) for number 2....

I start with Pepsi (oshawott) and he sends out....... a level 12 Lillipup??? ok not really a grass type but his last one could be a very powerful grass type mabye the evolved form of Snivy, so i defeat his lillipup without any damage and swap in Infernape and he sends out..... Pansage at level 14. the grass version of my pokemon.... it was over in 3 turns, i burnt his monkey.

I won. A new badge for the case and a tm that doesnt seem to do anything but im told we can use tms as much as we want, yes... i turn round to celebrate with my pokemon but there is no one there......... i miss Soul Silver :'(.

I then walk out and meet a scientist who gives me cut. wooooooo now to go and cut down a tree i saw in the Dreamyard. I meet Bianca there, she doesnt fight me, sadface, but we see some team plasm goons beating up a pokemon. Blah blah blah, they say something then fight me one at a time both are easilly defeated, the scientist comes back and gets something that will allow me to go wireless, instead of going straight back with her i walked about the grass a bit and caught a Munna (abra) and a Purrloin (Catmon, but i should have called it Meowth) then proceeded to head towards the next city.

On the next route there is the day care centre where i left catmon to get stronger. i also evolved Frank (from a lillipup to a Herdier) and Pepsi (Oshwott to a Dewott) before Cheren reapeared and wanted a battle, he was just as strong as the previous gym leader so he posed no real threat, by keeping this far ahead of him then hopefully there wont be any real challanges to face. after our battle Bianca and a little girl ran up saying some goons stole the girls pokemon, me and cheren give chase to Wellspring cave.

On the way i caught a Blitzle, it is basically an electric ponyta, the pokemon team dont even seem to be trying this time, and a Pidove, really they have a 3 stage evolving bird place it near the beggining and cant even think of a name that isnt so close to pidgy?!

In the cave i caught a Roggenrola, which is basically geodude and the other creature in the cave is..... Woobat! indeed a creature who appears in cave is a bat and is one letter away from being a Zubat. I'm hopeing the ideas get more origional from here on.

Anyway, confronting team plasma, they frist try to take me on, one-on-one but i defeat them then its was a double team me and Cheren vs two goons. another easy victory, the way is clear for us to proceed after we give the girl her pokemon back but that is for another day......

Day 1- First Pokemon to gym

Okey so it starts off like any other Pokemon game. We get a new pokemon professor, how many is that now? must be at least 6. Right well im a boy and my name Dr. Sexy as inspired from my other blog,, so we now start in a room with another guy and are joined by the girl who will act as the rivals. The Professor has left the box with the new pokemon for us in, i get to choose first. It's between Snivy (grass), Tepig (fire) and Oshawott (water), I went with Oshawott and named it Pepsi, purely for my other blog where an otter acts as mascot,

After my selection the girl, Bianca, choose Tepig, the type mine is strong against, while the guy, Cheren chose Snivy, the one mine is weak against.

I then battled both of them Bianca first then Cheren and won this put Pepsi nearly at level 7 already a good start, if you dont beat both i advise starting again that early experience really helps. After the battles the professor will give you a Pokedex, yes no stupid delivery to get it. Then she will send you out on your journey into route 1.

Bianca suggests a contest between the 3 of us to catch the most pokemon by the end of route 1. I caught a Lillipup, now named Frank, and a Patrat (rattata) and won the contest as they had only 2 pokemon at the end.

Passing through the next town i get to hear about team plasma, hmmm wonder if they are bad i mean the only other groups calling themselves 'team something' are bad, we will see. Then a guy called N turns up and wants a fight, with Pepsi now at level 8 and knowing water gun it was easy enough. time to push on and get to the first town.

Arriving at Striaton City i go and find the leader of the gym, he sizes me up and prepares a grass based attack as my starter is water, i need training and so head to dream land powering up Pepsi and Frank as i reach the end and get a Pansear (infernape) for my troubles but with Pepsi at level 13, frank at 11 and Infernape at 10 i need to get stonger, it would have taken over 30 battles to get to the level i wanted, in this area if not for finding out about moving grass.

By running up the side of a patch of grass i was able to see some moving and going into it engaging in battle with a Audino. beating on of these got me between, 115 and 225 experience and after finding a few, Pepsi was level 15, Frank was level 13 and Infernape was level 12 i was ready for the challange of the gym.

But then the power was low so that had to wait for another day....

Start of a new Pokemon Journey

Ok, I'm starting this blog, i dont know if it will attract anyone at all but it will at least serve as a reminder to me of how i progressed through the game if i wish to start again at some point.