Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Day 7- route 4, Maliks fail and 4th gym

I began my Pokemon day by heading out onto route 4. to then be hit by a sandstorm, sadface :(. This meant i needed a ground type Pokemon to lead my team so i ventured out and first met a darumaka, i was pleased up until i found out it was just a fire type and nothing more, but as luck should have it heading back to the road i met a Sandile at level 15, which i named Malik after my friend who really wanted one ( for all things Malik related). I then headed north to bump into Cheren i battled with him and although my other Pokemon were strong enough to beat him easily Malik struggled and so i turned back and headed towards the day care intending to drop off Darumaka and to train malik up so that by time i reached the next city he would be level 29 and evolve into a Krokorok.

By time i got back to route 4. he was a level 26, impressive right, i must be an awesome trainer or something. I then went to the Desert resort to look into this ruins i had heard about, at this time Malik(the real person) was playing near me and was at the same stage, getting to the ruins you meet a girl who offers you a Shell or Wing fossil one is Tirtouga (turtle below) the other is Archen (bird below). It was simple i wanted the turtle, Malik wanted the bird if we selected each one we could trade at a later date, so i listened to the woman and the first option is the Shell fossil so i took that. Malik on the other hand tried to skip what she was saying and pressing A loads also picked a Shell fossil, not wanting the turtle he was forced to switch off his game and go back t just after defeating the 3rd leader. teaching us all that IT IS IMPORTANT TO SAVE REGULARLY!

With no mishaps on my part i went back to the 2nd gym and brought my fossil back to life but with it being a water Pokemon it would be no use against the next gym so i needed to train up my Sewaddle in order to negate the electricity.

In the next town there were... more team plasma goons, gasp! its not like they haven't been in every other city. I chase them into the amusement park where i meet N, now that was an actual surprise he takes me on the Ferris wheel and while nearing the top tells me he is the team plasma leader :O, for me it completely ruined my trip to the fun fair i would give him the beating of a lifetime if only he would challenge me to a match.... which he did, and i won, then he ran off, it didn't make much sense but then i wasn't complaining, as my Sewaddle had evolved into a Swadloon and heading to the gym and challenging the other people in the gym it evolved into a Leavanny (below is a drawing of it as a person, which i find slightly better than a person being a Pokemon, not much better but slightly)

The problem i found is that when it shoots string shot it does have the appearance that it is coming form a vaginal area but as we cant see the front it doesnt matter unless we are fighting it.
Defeating the gym leader and her flying Pikachus was easy with Malik, Leavanny and Boldore(Roggenrola's evolved form). She said that she would meet me on route 5 i just had to first sort a father daughter dispute between Bianca and her Dad, let my Simisear preform in a musical (because if you see the picture of him in the previous post thats what he was born to do) and then i was ready to let the adventure continue..........

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  1. 'It completely ruined my trip to the funfair' was my favourite part, also the vagina string shot :P