Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Day 9 - Joltik, 6th Gym and Team plasma

I began this pokemon day in Chargestone cave where the pokemon Joltik the electric spider could be found, I presumed it would be easy to get just walk through the cave and there it would be but no i kept meeting stupid Klinks and Ferroseeds, i made it throught the cave and not one Joltik, so ihealed my pokemon up in Mistralton city and headed back i eventually found one and caught it, renaiming it Arachnia, at level 27. it was far from being the team leader i wanted but i would soon change that.

Heading to the gym, the leader came out and met me, oh no i cant challange her as she saw something on top of a nearby tower and it needs healing because she presumes its a pokemon, honestly the battle music should start and the screen read, You encountered a wild Sidequest! what will you do?

Run Away,

Escape is impossible!

Away i go to heal the pokemon or something, the good thing was it meant Arachnia could level up finally getting to the top of the tower i find she has healed the pokemon so i dont even know what it is and then says i can now go back to the gym and challange her. By now arachnia has grown to level 35 so easily defeats her flying pokemon with electric attacks.

Onto the twist mountains, where i meet Cheren, he talks about being strong or something, I really should listen but he is defeated easily, and i get surf as a reward!

Into the cave and there is team plasma everywhere, look at them and their cosplay team, N looks about as camp as Simisear.

I beat them and make it to the other side and with the battle experience Arachnia has evolved into a Galvantula (below).
I make it through the cave and into the next town but before i face the next gym, i think i will make use of the surf i got earlier.....

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