Saturday, 5 March 2011

Day 1- First Pokemon to gym

Okey so it starts off like any other Pokemon game. We get a new pokemon professor, how many is that now? must be at least 6. Right well im a boy and my name Dr. Sexy as inspired from my other blog,, so we now start in a room with another guy and are joined by the girl who will act as the rivals. The Professor has left the box with the new pokemon for us in, i get to choose first. It's between Snivy (grass), Tepig (fire) and Oshawott (water), I went with Oshawott and named it Pepsi, purely for my other blog where an otter acts as mascot,

After my selection the girl, Bianca, choose Tepig, the type mine is strong against, while the guy, Cheren chose Snivy, the one mine is weak against.

I then battled both of them Bianca first then Cheren and won this put Pepsi nearly at level 7 already a good start, if you dont beat both i advise starting again that early experience really helps. After the battles the professor will give you a Pokedex, yes no stupid delivery to get it. Then she will send you out on your journey into route 1.

Bianca suggests a contest between the 3 of us to catch the most pokemon by the end of route 1. I caught a Lillipup, now named Frank, and a Patrat (rattata) and won the contest as they had only 2 pokemon at the end.

Passing through the next town i get to hear about team plasma, hmmm wonder if they are bad i mean the only other groups calling themselves 'team something' are bad, we will see. Then a guy called N turns up and wants a fight, with Pepsi now at level 8 and knowing water gun it was easy enough. time to push on and get to the first town.

Arriving at Striaton City i go and find the leader of the gym, he sizes me up and prepares a grass based attack as my starter is water, i need training and so head to dream land powering up Pepsi and Frank as i reach the end and get a Pansear (infernape) for my troubles but with Pepsi at level 13, frank at 11 and Infernape at 10 i need to get stonger, it would have taken over 30 battles to get to the level i wanted, in this area if not for finding out about moving grass.

By running up the side of a patch of grass i was able to see some moving and going into it engaging in battle with a Audino. beating on of these got me between, 115 and 225 experience and after finding a few, Pepsi was level 15, Frank was level 13 and Infernape was level 12 i was ready for the challange of the gym.

But then the power was low so that had to wait for another day....

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