Friday, 11 March 2011

Pokemon I want

Looking at the new Pokemon in the game, i find myself not caring too much for them, there are a few that i would like in my team but honestly there are are onyl two i find myself wanting to catch.

In Soul Silver, there were tons that i went out and captured because i wanted them in my team but in this game i find myself just wanting a Joltik and a Golett, as these are the only two i like the look of now and also their evolved forms.

I am about to come up on Chargestone cave where Joltik (right) can be found but it is not for a long time after till i can get a Golett and it might be to close to the end to properly train it up which makes me sad. but i wont care to much i will still make it strong enough to be a part of my team.

Heres hoping i grow more attached to some of the Pokemon i catch.....

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