Sunday, 20 March 2011

Day 10 - Ice Badge, Golett and Beardface

I had acquired the HM Surf in a game of chance, well when it comes to fighting Cheren its not much about chance as just beating him. But with it I could access caves which had been previously blocked off.

I could catch 2 of the 3 legendary dogs in this game, the green one and the blue on, Blue was in a cave just off route 6, and was relatively easy to catch because it was night and in a cave a dusk ball was all it took, the Green one was more difficult in Pinwheel forest it was daytime so i had to rely on Ultra Balls which suck after about 25 turns i eventually used a timer ball and caught it, Yay, 66%. The grey one will not appear until Victory Road but i will endeavour to catch it.
After this i proceeded to the 7th gym, which is an ice user so by having a fire Pokemon in the form of Darmanitan, i easily won my next badge.

After this i was told those evil doers team plasma where in a nearby tower, away i went because in this tower was the other Pokemon i wanted Golett. After being delayed by Bianca and Cheren talking about how strong they have become since leaving home i was allowed into the tower and after a few steps a level 33 Golett appeared, Arachnia's electric attacks were useless as it is a ground type as well as a ghost, but i did get it weak enough to catch.....
I went back put the newly named Robocop into my team and gave it an exp share to get it to the level to be in my team... back to the tower and team plasma get in my way but as they only each have 1 out of a possible 6 Pokemon they don't stand much chance, I get to the top but two late N has captured the White legendary Dragon Pokemon, if only Cheren didn't keep me by saying how strong he was.
In order to beat him i will need the Black Dragon Pokemon, I get given the ball it is supposedly asleep in but to wake it i need to go to this guy.....

I have to travel through the marshes to get to Captain Beardface but if this is the last gym leader it is worth meeting a hundred Shelmets.
I will deal with him and the mystery that surround the legendary Dragons next time....


  1. That grey dog looks so depressed, he is my favourite

  2. the grey one is called terrakion in the game