Sunday, 6 March 2011

Day 3- Basic Badge

After I gave the girl back her pokemon the way is clear to proceed down Route 3, on the way i meet this legendary pokemon in the tall grass.....
Yes it is time to catch myself a Woobat, the difficulty here is resisting the urge to kill it (i say kill but it really is fainting then absorbtion into the ground). I now one of the few proud owners of a Woobat (henceforth called Wooooooooobat), and it can go and take a rest in my computer box until the day i decide it needs evolving.

Reaching the town of Nacrene City, i am shown a place that used to be warehouses but now acts as accomodation for the cities creative folk, Calafornia anyone? The Gym leader here uses normal type pokemon im told so i first head off to the entrance of the forest nearby where fighting pokemon are supposed to be. I didnt catch the stronger ones but i did get a Timburr, see below, which is like some mixture between Cubone and Machop as its a fighter yet carries around a piece of wood for some reason, i looked at its next evolved form and it seems the wood will evolve as well into metal.

Timburr is the one with the wood, lillipup is the top one and the thing in the bottom right is a Tympole, good to see Polywag gets a new design.

I also caught a Tympole just for the sake of catching one, it appears more than a wooper in pokemon silver or gold.

I went back to the gym which is behind a museum that has a display of a dragonite's skeleton. After some pointless challange to get to the leader i beat her 2 pokemon quite easily with Pepsi (Dewott) at level 23 and Geodude (roggenrola) at level 20.

After winning Team plasma steal the skull of the Dragonite and we are forced to give chase i heal my pokemon and head to pinwheel forest in pursuit of the thieves, the gym leader from the next town joins us and says that the goons either went down the straight safe road or the twist one filled with trainers, hmmmm i wonder which one we will be sent down..... yep the twisty one, well that iss going to have to wait till tomorrow as i guess once im passed all the trainers wanting a battle despite the fact im chasing after criminals, ill have to face team plasma and im too tired today.....

To be continued.

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