Friday, 11 March 2011

Day 8- Driftveil Gym and Evolution

I moved onto route 5 today, and straight away Cheren wants a battle he as usual poses no more of a challenge than Bianca. We then meet Alder who is the champion of the region, and he has some crazy hair. After beating him we can now go across the bridge to Driftveil and face Clay, the cowboy leader of the 5th gym. Look at him if anything screamed Texas stereo type it was this man...
We arrived into the town and he accuses us of helping team plasma as they managed to escape just before we arrived he wont face us unless we recapture the goons. Cheren runs off to try and find them, i explore the town and learn of triple battles, which is cool now 3 Pokemon can be fighting at once. I head down to an area called cold storage and find Cheren waiting outside he apparently cant go in and search without me, we beat a couple of workers inside and find an empty container which Cheren says i should lead the way into, thanks for that my supposed friend. Inside are about 8 plasma goons and one leader, I was thinking Oh no, that means 3 can take me on, then a double battle with me and Cheren then having to defeat the leader, this could be tricky..... but no half of them take me on one by one and the leader doesn't do anything. We beat them and Clay comes to take them into custody, he tells us to come to the gym, Cheren goes away to prepare himself.

During these battle Pepsi my Dewott evolved into a Samurott (see below) now it is a lot more powerful and i feel confident taking on the leader.
Heading to the Gym we see more of team plasma outside they have come to collect their allies, and Clay just hands them over before heading back into the gym, good to know my hard work has paid off.
Beating my way down to Clay we find he has ground type Pokemon and they are easily defeated by Pepsi, who take no damage at all. I get the badge but the bumbling gym leader has lost the TM he was going to give me I'll have to go along to the end of route 6 to get it. This guy is just getting in the way of me saving the world... Just like America.... yeah think about that for a second.
I heal my Pokemon and head for route 6 where Bianca is waiting after beating her she gives me HM 02 Fly, at last i don't need to take long bike journeys every where, well except 1, the only flying Pokemon i have is in daycare and that's all the way back at the end of route 2.
Getting back to the daycare i pick up my Sigilyph and teach it fly i also pick up my Darmaka and take him back by beating regular Pokemon found in the grass it evolves into a Darmanitan, which looks like an owl mixed with a gorilla, also Malik (Krokorok) evolved into its final form Krookodile, which i s a big croc, with eyes that appear to be pointed shades, i prefer the second evolution.

With my super powered team ready i was going to head out onto route 6, where at the end is Chargestone cave and in it is a Joltik, the only Pokemon i actually think i want to catch in this game......

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