Monday, 7 March 2011

Day 5- Pinwheel forest pt. 1

Ok note to self, if writing an important essay do not buy a pokemon game the week before, it has disasterous consequences.

Since I realised i had real world work to do, and somehow said that doing this essay was more important than saving the Pokemon world, i didnt play on it that much, so made little progress.

I did manage to catch a Throh, the red one below and have found out that there is like a 5% chance that Sawk, the blue guy, will be in the moving grass, woooooooo 5%, thats like 1 in 20 this might take a while.

After catching Throh i headed into the forest to head down the long dangerous winding path that the stronger gym leader for some reason couldn't go down, a lot of 'new' pokemon down this way i ended up with a Sewaddle which seems to be a Weedle with a leaf on its head. I also caught 2 Petilil, the Oddish of this world, i caught two because i can go back to the previous town and trade one for a Cottonee.

I pressed on through the wood passed trainers who i can only say should be arrested for helping delay the capture of criminals, And fought 3 plasma goons, just like the ones pictured below,

Soon anime conventions all around the world will enjoy seeing people wearing store bought knight costumes with a homemade Team Plasma patch sewn on at an indecent angle. After beating these goons and making it passed a lot of Pokemon rangers wishing to tell me to protect the pokemon despite the fact they engaged me in battle with pokemon 7 levels weaker than mine so easily got defeated, they still lectured me about looking after Pokemon and the enviroment, damn hippies.

That was all i had time for now back to work in the real world, sigh.....

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