Saturday, 5 March 2011

Day 2- Gym battle and Team Plasma

I was ready my pokemon were at a stage i thought could make it an even contest, or so i thought.

Getting past the minions of the leader wasnt hard it made mine stronger, all the better for me i hoped. Then came the leader Cilan I could see he had 2 pokemon so i thought start with my strongest, hope i could beat the first one then change out to the fire monkey Pansear (Infernape) for number 2....

I start with Pepsi (oshawott) and he sends out....... a level 12 Lillipup??? ok not really a grass type but his last one could be a very powerful grass type mabye the evolved form of Snivy, so i defeat his lillipup without any damage and swap in Infernape and he sends out..... Pansage at level 14. the grass version of my pokemon.... it was over in 3 turns, i burnt his monkey.

I won. A new badge for the case and a tm that doesnt seem to do anything but im told we can use tms as much as we want, yes... i turn round to celebrate with my pokemon but there is no one there......... i miss Soul Silver :'(.

I then walk out and meet a scientist who gives me cut. wooooooo now to go and cut down a tree i saw in the Dreamyard. I meet Bianca there, she doesnt fight me, sadface, but we see some team plasm goons beating up a pokemon. Blah blah blah, they say something then fight me one at a time both are easilly defeated, the scientist comes back and gets something that will allow me to go wireless, instead of going straight back with her i walked about the grass a bit and caught a Munna (abra) and a Purrloin (Catmon, but i should have called it Meowth) then proceeded to head towards the next city.

On the next route there is the day care centre where i left catmon to get stronger. i also evolved Frank (from a lillipup to a Herdier) and Pepsi (Oshwott to a Dewott) before Cheren reapeared and wanted a battle, he was just as strong as the previous gym leader so he posed no real threat, by keeping this far ahead of him then hopefully there wont be any real challanges to face. after our battle Bianca and a little girl ran up saying some goons stole the girls pokemon, me and cheren give chase to Wellspring cave.

On the way i caught a Blitzle, it is basically an electric ponyta, the pokemon team dont even seem to be trying this time, and a Pidove, really they have a 3 stage evolving bird place it near the beggining and cant even think of a name that isnt so close to pidgy?!

In the cave i caught a Roggenrola, which is basically geodude and the other creature in the cave is..... Woobat! indeed a creature who appears in cave is a bat and is one letter away from being a Zubat. I'm hopeing the ideas get more origional from here on.

Anyway, confronting team plasma, they frist try to take me on, one-on-one but i defeat them then its was a double team me and Cheren vs two goons. another easy victory, the way is clear for us to proceed after we give the girl her pokemon back but that is for another day......


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