Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Day 6- Pinwheel forest pt 2 and the Insect Badge

Essay done, realworld doesnt need me for the time being so back to the needs of the Pokemon world.

Progressing through the forest i meet and defeat the rest of team plasma, these guys really dont have a team spirit as they attack me one by one. They come at me with their one pokemon several levels lower than the previous gym leader, if they are going to do that they could at least have 6 pokemon but no they clearly think one will do.

After beating them i am invited to the xhallange the gym by the insect guy. Proceeding out of the forest with a collection on bug pokemon that loosly resemble those found in Viridian forest.

The bridge that has to be passed over to get to Castelia city is amazing it is just so big and unlike anything shown before in Pokemon.

In Catelia city the world becomes eye-popping 3D, every building streches to the sky, walking around is amazing, i tried to go to the gym but ended up involved in another team plasma thing that revoved around Bianca needing more training to be better or something i wasnt paying attention but it was good becasue i could level up my fire monkey Pansear and after the whole thing with team plasma which as i say i wasnt really listening to, It reached level 26. so i decided to use the fire stone i had aquired somehow, i hope it was in a game of chance and evolved it into.......

Simsear the campest monkey ever!!

But with this special snowflake of a monkey on my side i eased past all in the gym asit turns out bugs are very weak to fire, yay for me, with my 3rd badge in toe i headed to route 4 and defeated Bianca who decided that the after the 5 min of training she could have at most recieved she was ready to take me on. My journey onto route 4 was clear and it would be tackeled in the very near future...

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