Monday, 21 March 2011

Day 11 - 8th Gyn and victory road.

So I'm ready to face Beardface in the ultimate gym showdown, i don't have Pokemon with strong attacks against Dragon so he will be tough i make it all the way through the gym and my Pokemon need healing, as it was a tough challenge, and waiting for me at the end is not Beardface but Iris...... the little girl who showed me around town and trained Bianca, she is my opponent.
I mean come on the other guy looks menacing but she is just a little girl who so far has only taught Bianca how to suck more at being a trainer. Finding the right combination by using bug attacks she is dispatched quicker that any of the other trainers in the gym. I have my 8th badge i am now master of all Pokemon, onto Victory road.

I found a water stone so i went back to the Pokemon centre and used it to create a Pokemon possible more camp than Simisear......
Simpour! yes the water monkey and it looks the most stupid out of all 3 of these terrible terrible creatures.

I distract my disgust with a battle against Cheren but as he still only has 4 Pokemon he is as per usual not much of a challenge.

In victory road i meet many trainers with strong Pokemon good thing i ran into a doctor who heals them up, one thing i like about this game is the doctors who if you beat them will heal your Pokemon, it means i don't have to run back to the Pokemon centre.

I also met a guy who told me to slide down a cliff, good to see adults advising 10 year olds well, By time i get to the Pokemon league I have captured a few new Pokemon including the other legendary dog but by mow my DS's battery is giving up so the Elite Four will have to wait.....

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